Regional Co-ordinators

We have in place a very popular and effective system of Regional Co-ordinators. They arrange regular meetings in their regions where they invite sponsors, partners and guest speakers to come along and present on relevant topics.

For our members it is an excellent and highly cost-effective way of getting bite-sized bits of training and CPD locally, on an ongoing basis. These meetings are very popular with our members as they can keep themselves up to date, but also with our sponsors and partners who can engage with the members at a local level on a regular basis across the country. Each region has three or four meetings a year, each typically lasting about four hours.

Dennis Gardener
Dennis Gardener Scotland Region


Dennis Gardener, our founder Scottish Fellow, has been the Regional Co-ordinator from the beginning of the Institute of Scottish Professional Willwriters (ISPW). He is also our current Chairman for the whole of the IPW.

Dennis prides himself on providing the best Scottish speakers to fill his three full-day seminars every year to enhance the knowledge of all Will writers in Scotland.

Marcos Kallou
Marcos Kallou London North/East Region


Based in Essex, Marcos is the Regional Co-ordinator for London North/East. Marcos has been a Regional Co-ordinator for a few years now and oversees the other Regional Co-ordinator as one of his roles on the IPW Council.

Tony Kilshaw
Tony Kilshaw North West Region


The North West region covers a large catchment area, with Manchester being the most central location to hold meetings.

The aim is to hold four to five meetings a year, with guest speakers providing updates on the profession and business opportunities.

IPW express great thanks to Ray Withnall, who recently stepped down, for setting up the thriving group.

Paul Hutchinson
Paul Hutchinson Avon Region


Paul is the founder and Managing Director of Hutchinson Legal & Associates Limited, a firm based in north Bristol.

Having worked for Lyons Davidson Solicitors for a number of years prior to this, Paul has now been running Hutchinson Legal & Associates Limited for the last 13 years. Outside of work, Paul is a keen musician, playing both the guitar and piano and has a keen interest in linguistics.

Robert Phipps
Robert Phipps Kent Region


Robert has been in this business for 18 years, 17 of which have been as the owner of Pembroke Will Writers Ltd. The business has been a part of the IPW Membership for 16 years, with just a 1-year gap interval.

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